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Precious Metal Clay 3 is a clay-like material that can be torch or kiln fired. Once it has gone through the firing process it can be hallmarked as fine silver (.999).
Precious Metal Clay 3 (PMC3)
Ideal for supporting your jewellery projects while drilling, filing and finishing.
Rubber Block
All the essential tools you need for starting off making at home. Our unique kit includes...Badger Balm, Teflon Sheet, Spacer & Roller Set, Sander, Paint Brush, Rubber Block, Needle Tool and a free Firing & Polishing voucher.
PMC Starter Kit
Used for rolling PMC out smoothly and to a set thickness - the spacers are 1.5mm thick.
Spacer & Roller Set
A standard paint brush for applying PMC paste and flux.
Paint Brush
Used to prepare hands for working with PMC. Apply to tools and texturing mats to stop sticking of the clay.
Badger Balm
Teflon sheet for working your PMC on. Pack size 5 sheets.
Teflon Sheet

We are continuing to build our online store and are aiming to provide a range of products that we find are most popular with our customers on our workshops. If you can not find what you need or would like any further advice please do email us